Little Platte Farm

At Little Platte Farm, we manage our Herd for performance and productivity. Our Does must demonstrate excellent maternal qualities and instincts. We expect all Does in the herd to birth two or more kids once per year without any human intervention required. They must raise healthy, fast growing kids to weaning age, without assistance, on a natural browse/graze diet. Additionally, the Does should remain in good, healthy condition and maintain acceptable udder and teat structure throughout the nursing period. Following weaning they are expected to “dry up” quickly and return to breed ready condition with plenty of time to spare prior to fall rut. Excellent hoof health, disease resistance and parasite resistance/resilience are additional traits vitally important to us, as frequent hoof trimming, medical treatments and deworming activities cost herdsmen dearly in both time and money. Any animals that fail to meet our rigorous standards are culled from the herd. Thank you for your interest in Little Platte Farm’s breeding program.

Kellen & Sarah Weissenbach
Little Platte Farm – Smithville, MO