Short’s Livestock

Reference Sires:

SLS  KATMANDU  sired by GHK Cherokee Fiddler.  Kat was the most consistent sire we had ever used.  No matter who he was crossed on, the kids would always be good.  Kat got pneumonia at about 6 weeks old.  He lost weight and sure thought he would die for a while, but he didn’t.  He recovered and still weaned off at 90 days with a 50 lb weight.  The pneumonia made him “tougher than nails”  we believe.  Excellent parasite resistance.  Kat died in July, 2022.  He is sorely missed.
SLS RED BARRON.  GHK Iron Horse son.  He was the whole package.  Looks, frame, parasite resistance.  His dam is one of the best mothers in our herd.  She’s 11 years old and stilling wearing her working clothes.  We lost Red Barron a couple months ago.  Way too soon!
SLS TITAN’S LEGACY  goes back to our very first ever Kiko buck, Triple G  He stands square on all 4 corners and puts the muscle and weight on his kids.  Excellent parasite resistance.  He has been a huge benefit to our breeding program.  The dam side has  Iron Horse genetics, which makes him all the better.