Whispering Oaks Kiko’s

Reference Sires:

TMK DALE’S WONDERMAN – Sired by BBM DALE 1400 ( Dale the Doe maker) Last two of breeding him we have, out of 33 kids, he has produced 19 does and 14 bucks. I can live with that. Kids grow out fast and the average 90 weight, both bucks and does 33.76lbs. On the bottom side we have Tay Onyx. So, we are looking at Dale 1400 over Tay Onyx doe. The HEARTLAND SALE will feature 2 Wonderman does, lots 36 & 64. Pedigree: https://www.nkrpedigree.com/NKRprocess/NKR_Pedigree.php?pedigree=N20M0257TMK9
GHK APACHE LOVERBOY – Sired by SUNBOY 117 LOVERBOY. Only one lot in this sale. Lot 42 Keeping one of his bucks for myself. Pedigree: https://www.nkrpedigree.com/NKRprocess/NKR_Pedigree.php?pedigree=N09M0115GHK1
GHK CHEROKEE FIDDLER – Semen lot number 49. Fiddler has produced many outstanding bucks and I had the privilege to have had GHK BLACKHAWK. Pedigree: https://www.nkrpedigree.com/NKRprocess/NKR_Pedigree.php?pedigree=N09M0113GHK3