Mountain Top Farm

AKGA Eligible. Sire – BWP BLUE SON SMOKEY who is a son of BLUE’S SON over a daughter of MR. SPECKLES. I had several Smokey daughters who were first timers this past kidding, all of them had great bags and showed excellent maternals while kidding in the field or open barns. I sent 4 bucklings to the WV Buck Test in 2021 out of Smokey, 3 of the 4 placed in the top 35 out of over 160 head in ADG. Dam – MJI F0959 a daughter of JFK DELILAH’S over MJI HUMISHUMA (Linebred HAMMER and GOLDMINE). MJI 0959 is one the largest framed does in my herd. She has an excellent bag and is one of the most attentive mothers I have had. She is one of the heaviest milking does I have, her kids’ weaning weights are always near the top in their group. This consignment (MTF SMOKEY’S NANCY 198) is very similar in appearance and type as her dam.